Kiwi Magic

One of the most amazing trips I have ever done was a five-day hike on the Milford Track on New Zealand’s south island. Every turn on the track had new scenery and I could imagine the location being the perfect setting for a fairy tale or fantasy book.


On a recent trip back to Queenstown, there was one thing I wanted to do – go back for another hike. With only one day spare for hiking, I booked myself on a hike to experience part of another track called the Routeburn. On the day I did my hike, I was the only person booked in, so my guide took me off the beaten track. I traversed by crystal-blue lakes a golden fields of butterflies. 


Here’s a few photos from my time in New Zealand, taken on my pocket camera and iPhone.


Who needs a filter for this natural beauty. 

This doesn't do the place justice...a walk off the beaten track surrounded by butterflies. 

It's an hour to the top but the view is amazing. 

Underwater photo of a lake.

A sweet place to cool the legs down after a tough hike.