Photos from a Nevada desert road trip

Back in 2007 I competed for Australia at the World Synchro Skating Championships in Canada. Post competition, a few of us went on a five week adventure across Canada and the US.

Most of the trip was mapped out except the last week or so where we decided to wing it. I never usually like to travel without a plan, but this was an exciting once in a lifetime adventure to get off the beaten track and just explore! 

We had a vague plan to get from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. So we decided to hire a car and ended up on a journey that had us detouring through the beautiful Lake Tahoe, to the California capital of Sacramento, onto San Fransisco, along the Big Sur coast line before hitting up La La Land. 

Our GPS took us and down a few sketchy roads (we were certain we would break down and end up looking for help at a Texas Chainsaw style house) and along the famous Route 66.

Below are some photos from the Nevada desert section of the trip which was often eerie and scenic.